Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Website

New website!

This only took me a night to make! What the heck, Wix is so easy to use, I love it.

Check it out:

That demoreel needs updating though, that is next on my forever growing to-do list. I'm so energized after SupaNova and so full of vim and vigor. I've started writing the script for my next comic, I'm getting my current comic stocked in stores, I'm working on finishing my old webcomic. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There's so much that I want to do and so much that I feel I can accomplish. Feeling good, dear internet, feeling good.


Friday, November 9, 2012


Hey peeps!

I am now on tumblr:
I upload there much more regularly.

You can also 'like' me on facebook...if you like.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crowdfunding comics: Brisbane trio drawing support from fans

Three Brisbane cartoonists are using crowdfunding as a way of financing their comic art projects.

Throughout October 2012, Brisbane cartoonists Zac Smith-Cameron, Alexis Sugden and Stuart McMillen will be using crowdfunding to finance their comic art from web user investors.

With not a caped superhero to be seen, the three projects showcase the diversity of Brisbane comic art, and the possibilities which the comics medium offers in 2012.

The projects range from the Ashcan Comics manga compilation Iron Style, the graphic novel fiction of My Sister's Voice by Alexis Sugden, and the non-fiction Rat Park by Stuart McMillen about the science of drug addiction. Despite stylistic and thematic differences, the three cartoonists are united by their Brisbane home base and their use of the crowdfunding model.

 It’s all-or-nothing”, Stuart McMillen said about using crowdfunding. “We each have set campaign targets and deadlines. If we don’t meet our targets within the time period, the projects don’t succeed. No money changes hands, and the comics do not get made.”

McMillen has set a target of $6,000 to create Rat Park from scratch, while Ashcan Comics is seeking $5,500 to reimburse the Iron Style compilation writers and artists for their hard work. Sugden's goal is $1,000 to print and distribute the already-completed My Sister's Voice.

We are encouraging fans to invest in our projects by offering a range of reward items”, said Zac Smith-Cameron. “Fans who contribute smaller amounts get rewards such as digital copies of our comics. However, we also offer other merchandise packs including books, posters and t-shirts. We will even draw custom artwork for fanatical supporters with large pledges!”

Crowdfunding lets fans directly support the artistic projects which interest them”, said Alexis Sugden. “It is great that readers can support my art directly, and that the expenses like printing are covered upfront.”

Potential investors are advised to get in quick with their pledges: Rat Park and My Sister's Voice have campaign deadlines in early November, while Iron Style's campaign closes in January 2013.

Information about the three projects:

·         Iron Style: a compilation of manga stories by publisher Ashcan Comics.
Originally a Japanese art form, manga has been adopted and adapted by Australian writers and artists. Iron Style is a showcase of the best of Australian Manga in 2012.
Zac Smith-Cameron is the co-founder of Ashcan Comic Collective, based in Brisbane.

·         Crowdfunding: Main website:

·         My Sister's Voice: a fiction comic by Alexis Sugden which follows the lives of three women. When Polina goes missing, her sister Anna won’t rest until she is found. With her mother in tow and her grandmother’s ghost guiding the way, Anna spends more than a year at sea searching for her sister.

·         Crowdfunding: Blog:

·         Rat Park: a non-fiction comic by Stuart McMillen about research into drug addiction. McMillen uses the medium of comics to explore scientific, environmental and social issues. Rat Park is about 1970s animal experiments of Canadian psychologist Bruce Alexander. The infamous ‘Rat Park’ studies challenge our assumptions about addiction.

·         Crowdfunding: Main website:

Zac, Alexis and Stuart are available for media interviews, photo opportunities, podcasts and the like. Please contact Stuart McMillen:

Zac Smith-Cameron, Stuart McMillen and Alexis Sugden

This image downloadable via Higher res available upon request.

Iron Style by Ashcan Comics teaser image

My Sister's Voice by Alexis Sugden teaser image

Rat Park by Stuart McMillen teaser image

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello 2012

Hi all,

It's been too long! I should make it a new year resolution to update my blog more often!

I've been pretty busy. I've learnt how to do 3d animation now and I'm working on webisodes for Polly Pocket. It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be. :) And it's nice to be on a series, I get to do heaps of character animation; my favourite type!

Also, I've updated my show reel with my Sydney work and other 2d stuff, go check it out, there's a link to the side of this page. No 3d in it yet, I have to wait for the episodes to air.

My spare time's been pretty busy, too. I've been doing heaps of quillings, I'm preparing for the Brisbane Suitcase Rummage in Febuary:

Come along and buy some quillings! I also have some for sale in my Etsy, (there's a link on the side of this page) and I take commissions.

Here are some quillings and some recent art:

Thanks for reading,

PS. I've also been learning the ukulele. It's pretty much the best instrument ever.