Thursday, February 24, 2011

Koi Tattoo

Just a quick post today, 'cos I have stuff to do! I like where my comic script is at, so I'm ready to storyboard it.

This is just a quick post because I had a tattoo commission for a friend and I wanted to blog about it now that it's on her skin.

The original design:

And here it is on skin, with a few changes:

ALSO. Read this comic:
I just finished reading through it and it is AWESOME. So go read.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Art Mostly

So I've been looking at my still image folio and I think it needs an update. My demo reel could do with one too. I think that I should create some new stuff solely for these purposes.

I also had a look through my last two sketchbooks to see if there was anything worth sharing and I found a few things that I hadn't put online yet.

Hedwig! As a saint. I have decided that Hedwig is the patron saint of the lost and misguided. This was done using coloured pencils, markers and some acrylic paint. And for those of you who don't know, this character is from the film, 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. SO GOOD. You all must watch it, it is amazing.

My feelings towards Twitter. Drawn when I still had my rats tail and none of my head was shaved.

This one was drawn when I was on a sword fighting camp for kids with my nephew. I went as his chaperone. While he ran about in the sun, hitting other children with a foam sword, I sat in the shade and drew. Most of the kids there I hated, because I hate kids, but one girl there was pretty cool. She was the daughter of one of the organisers. She was only eleven or twelve but she knew about Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaimen, different anime and manga series and lots of other things that I like/know/wouldn't expect a kid to be aware of.

The camp wasn't too bad, although I hadn't been to a camp in such a long time that I forgot to bring a lot of the basics. But at least I remembered things like bug spray and sunscreen.

This last picture is actually recent, it's just from my sketchbook.

And now to go, dye my hair and go for a cycle.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Expressions

More expressions! These things are monstrous. x__x Ugh, so many expressions. And this second one was certainly harder than the first, because I really didn't want Polina's expressions to look too similar to Anna's. I think they came out good though and the two ranges of expressions match the personalities of the women. Anna is more reserved with her expressions and quicker to frown than to smile. Polina is more expressive and outwardly happier.

Also, I've been getting feedback on my script, which is very exciting, time for a new draft soon! I've been a little slack lately, I've been busy with commissions instead. Time to crack the whip!

Ugh, so I had a job interview today with Shingle Inn. I don't want the job because hospitality is lame. I do want the job because I want money. I'd love to be able to buy more than the basics. I want to colour my hair and buy comics. :( Oh well, it's the whole starving artist thing I guess.

Oh, and here's an old sketchbook picture. It's from months ago, but I still like it.

And here's a birthday painting for a friend! When I was painting this I was thinking a little bit of Tangled and also of the Lady of Shalot.

Anyway, it's late and I don't want to keep my housemate awake with my typing, so that's all for now.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dr Sketchy Sketches

Went to Dr Sketchy's Anti Art Class the other night. Super fun, as always! Although I would also like to find a life drawing class with naked people. But for those you always have to pay and I'm so broke. ;__;

Also, my scanner sucks.

Anyway! Here's my favourite picture of the night. I think I had the most success with this because it was the longest pose of the night.

Here's my second favourite picture of the night.

More pictures!

I like the body of this one, but the face got mucked up. It was fine, then I noticed it was too small, didn't have an eraser, smudged it out with my thumb and drew in a new, very mediocre face.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Sister's Voice

Lots of art today! I've been drawing and writing and whatnot, so here are some of the fruits of my labour. :)

I've also sent my script to friends who volounteered to give me feedback and I can't wait for their critiques! I tried working on a second draft the other day and not too many changes were made, I think some feedback would really help.

Ok, so I did some expression exploration with Anna. I tried to keep her happy faces for subdued and her unhappy faces more pronounced, she's a taciturn sort of character. The flirty and drunk expressions got me thinking the most. Anna doesn't want to date anyone ever, so it was hard to imagine her flirting. So I tried to make her look uncomfortable and unsure, looking back over her shoulder, turned away and ready to flee. And when she's drunk, she's just depressed. :P So she doesn't drink much, it just leads to bad poetry.

These are just some super scribbly sketches of everyone, kinda looking at facial features and who shares which ones. Like, who has the same nose, the same shaped face, etc. And mostly I was exploring Polina's face and the possibilities. I think I prefer my first design of her, but I'll keep playing.

I would like Yona and Anna to be very physically alike, as they are very alike in personality as well. I'll look at that some more later.

Just looking at potential bodytypes and the sort of swimwear these two might wear. Those stripey trunks are there to stay.

Lighthouse sketches! I realised the other day that the characters of my feminist novel all live in a big ol' phallic symbol. But they spend more time at sea. Perhaps they just needed to get out of the phallus.

I was bored and wasted a lot of ink in my pen by drawing up a wave. :) I'm not too sure yet on how I want to treat the water in this story.

So yeah, getting some stuff done. Picking up momentum I hope! I'd love to start working on the actual pages next month, it's so hard not to just rush to that stage and get started on them now.

Oh, also, the working title for this story is, 'My Sister's Voice'.