Monday, July 12, 2010

Art Block and Ron Mueck

I've had art block for a little while now. It's driving me crazy. So this picture is me trying to work through it. I really want to do some painting, I have some spare canvases lying around, but I feel pretty uninspired at the moment.

Went to the Ron Mueck exhibit the other day with my sister. It's pretty damn awesome, I recommend it to everyone in Brisbane. You feel as though the sculptures are about to get up and walk around, or talk to you.

People are allowed to take photos in there. So about 80%-90% of the people are taking about a million pictures of each piece of art instead of really looking at it. They're so concerned with creating memories and collecting momentos that they don't really absorb what they're seeing. They don't experience it. And they don't watch where they're going, so they back into you all the time.

Anyway, I did a few sketches, these ones are ok-ish. I really need to find myself a life drawing class, I haven't been in SO long and you can really tell. While I was drawing the man's head, there was a little gaggle of children watching me and asking their mum questions. According to them I was drawing because I don't own a camera.

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