Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arts and Witchcrafts

Ugh, I have not updated this for the longest time. >_<

So, I've been working at Liquid, which was great. But my contract ran out and there wasn't enough work. Which gave me plenty of time to make Christmas gifts for friends and family! :D

I'd just started getting into sewing, I'd been making myself bows to clip into my hair. Then I made this beauty. :) I even made the flower myself. The lilypad is made with felt and the flower is made from leaf shaped pink things that you add to your hat or hair fascinator for the races. To make to flower, you get each leaf thing and bring it in at the middle. This makes two petals. Make a bunch of these and then put it all together to make a flower. :D

I made another for my older sister for Christmas and that was going to be it...I'd decided not to get suckered into making a shitload of stuff like I always do...but then I made a shitload of I always do.

My younger sister liked the hair stuff I'd been making, so she asked me to make her a headband with three owl heads on it.

Next, my housemates. I drew them pictures. :)

My housemates are sisters and my family and theirs have been friends since forever. So I decided to make their parents some Christmas decorations.

My older sister has a big family, so I made them decorations to, one for her, one for her husband and one each for their six kids.

For my Dad I'd put lots of photos together in a frame from a family trip. That was going to be his handmade thing, but it wasn't as arty as the other stuff I was doing, so I did a decoration for him too.

Also, sorry for the bad quality of this photo, I am a crap photographer.

A lot of these homemade things were being given to people with things that I'd bought. I'd already bought my Mum a gift but as I'd made things for my sisters and my dad, I didn't want her not to have something made too. So I made her this!

My boyfriend is way too hard to shop for, so I just made him lots of stuff. :)

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! Man, this baby took about fifteen hours to make. O_O So worth it.


And last, but not least, a painting. :)

So yeah, plenty of arts and crafts this Christmas! I really dig working with felt now, expect more little crafty things from me.


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  1. I love my picture so much. <3 I think she's my all time favourite of your characters. It's on the mantle piece in the lounge room right now. :3

    (P.S. Whoa, late reply. Haha.)