Monday, April 11, 2011

More Quillings

Hello internet people!

I should really do some drawing or painting, this latest batch of art is all quilling. But fear not, once I'm done typing today's blogpost I'm going to paint!

So here's a suggestion from my friend Karlyne:

It's Disney's Stitch! He looks a lot like a bulldog, but I think I like it.

I wanted to quill the CatBus from Totoro, but I didn't have anymore dark brown paper. So instead I quilled a whole bunch of little cute things. My favourites are the apple and the teapot.

Also, this Friday (when I get money again) I'm going to get my hands on some resin and test some of these out. Well, I'll make a throw away test first before risking any of my nice quillings. The point is, these all might be wearable soon! And once they are, they'll be for sale. I'm thinking that I'll sell them as pendants and the people who buy them can supply their own necklace. That way it's cheaper and easier for everyone. :)

Hm, what else do I have to say? Well, I just finished listening to every episode (so far) of the podcast Kiss and Tell. It is so damn good. And it kinda makes me want to do a podcast. Although I don't know who I'd do it with or what we would talk about.


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  1. you're off the chain with your quilling skills!
    loving the new works lex! x x x