Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Art Mostly

So I've been looking at my still image folio and I think it needs an update. My demo reel could do with one too. I think that I should create some new stuff solely for these purposes.

I also had a look through my last two sketchbooks to see if there was anything worth sharing and I found a few things that I hadn't put online yet.

Hedwig! As a saint. I have decided that Hedwig is the patron saint of the lost and misguided. This was done using coloured pencils, markers and some acrylic paint. And for those of you who don't know, this character is from the film, 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. SO GOOD. You all must watch it, it is amazing.

My feelings towards Twitter. Drawn when I still had my rats tail and none of my head was shaved.

This one was drawn when I was on a sword fighting camp for kids with my nephew. I went as his chaperone. While he ran about in the sun, hitting other children with a foam sword, I sat in the shade and drew. Most of the kids there I hated, because I hate kids, but one girl there was pretty cool. She was the daughter of one of the organisers. She was only eleven or twelve but she knew about Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaimen, different anime and manga series and lots of other things that I like/know/wouldn't expect a kid to be aware of.

The camp wasn't too bad, although I hadn't been to a camp in such a long time that I forgot to bring a lot of the basics. But at least I remembered things like bug spray and sunscreen.

This last picture is actually recent, it's just from my sketchbook.

And now to go, dye my hair and go for a cycle.



  1. I really REALLY like the girl with purple hair Lex, I'm always fascinated by how you draw hair, it's so very pretty

  2. Thanks! Hair is one of my favourite things to draw. Have you read the comic series 'Strangers in Paradise'? The hair in that is pretty awesome.