Monday, March 14, 2011

Finger Puppets

Just a teeny post today about teeny things that I've made. :)

I've posted all these photos on Facebook, so now doubt the people who read this have seen my finger puppets.

Finn and Jake! Jake was super easy, Finn was a bit more fiddly.

Catbus! This little guy was a pain to make. :P So fiddly!

Totoro! Well, TWOtoro. I lost the first one I made for myself at Christmas. :( I like to think some child found the first one and gave it a good home.

Anyway, Totoro is much easier to make than the others, and possibly my favourite.

I've started putting things like this onto Etsy, as you might have guessed by the link on the side of this blog. I'm putting quilling up there too.



  1. OH. MY. GOD. Catbus Finger Puppet!!! That is way too cool.

  2. Aaah so adorable!!!
    I think Finn and Jake are my Favorites.

    How did you get the bottom darker blue material attached to the shirt? I can't see any stitching and it seems really smooth. Glue?