Saturday, January 9, 2010


When forever means never and never is for forever.

I never seem to draw happy looking people. Perhaps I should draw happy people for my next picture. Anyway, here are more sketchbook pictures! I quite like them, I should do something more polished with one of these. Or both. I should also do more digital art. So many things that I 'should' do.

Hhm, Saturday night and here I am, writing in my blog. Being broke is boring. Well, not too boring, I have been keeping myself occupied, drawing, animating, that sort of thing. But I can't really go out and enjoy my Saturday nights due to lack of funds. I'll be back at Masala Point next week though, so it's all good. So NOT looking forward to waitressing again. Bleeeeeeeeeeeargh.

It'll be good when Viola's done and I can go and find other work. Studio work, hopefully. Freelance doesn't appeal to me much. Making a government funded short film would be pretty sweet though. I've been forming an idea for my next's incredibly rough, very unformed. Very much like a lump of clay sitting around in my mind. But every now and then I poke at it, giving it a bit more shape.

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