Friday, January 15, 2010


Recently I added an old high school friend on facebook. Today I went to her baby shower. I find it so surreal that people my age are married, getting married, have kids or are having them. According to this friend of mine there are lots of people from our year who are married, engaged, pregnant, and so on. One guy has a two year old daughter, a wife and another child on the way. Oh, and apparently there are twelve models from our year. Wow. It's all so bizarre.
Anyway. I drew this for her as a gift and she seemed to like it, apparently they're going to hang it over the crib. Hurrah! Also, a neighbour saw it and commissioned me to draw two similar pictures for her, which is great. I much prefer earning money via artwork than any other way there is.
This is coloured pencil on A3 cardboard.

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  1. I love the surreal expression in her face. No irises was a nice touch.